are-facebook-ads-playing-you_Are Facebook ads playing you?

Up until I took a coarse on facebook ads,

I was messing around, playing with it, and not taking it seriously. It was like play the penny slots. I had no purpose or strategy until I decided to invest in myself (in a course.) I wasn’t going to be played by Facebooks ads any more.

Now I have a strategy when I look at FB ads. Do you want to know what it is?

This is what I do.

  1. I first think of my AVITAR. What is their biggest problem.
  2. Look at my FB ads insights.
  3. I think what does this person have to believe in, in order for them to buy.
  4. I reverse engineer my sales funnel.
  5. Develop my sales funnel.
  6. Place the ad.

This is what changed for me: I now look at FB ad placing as a science and I am the scientist gathering data and testing. I can not allow this ad placement intimidate me like before. Do I want to go big, I ask myself? Do I want my business grow? I have a passion to help people and I wont be able to reach the people I need to without placing ads.

I understand that it can be scary, everything new is. We have to understand without stepping out and experience something new we will never know the reach we could have and the people we can impact, if we would just invest in becoming better. I highly recommend this course. IF you really want to move in a direction with ads take a leap of faith like I did.

I don’t want you to think I’m trying to sell you on this. I  know that learning what I did has helped me and I want it to help you.

Here’s a few more tips that I have learned along the way since my journey began.

  1. Match your message to your market
  2. Survey your list (email) or if you don’t have one don’t worry. Find the pain points of your market.
  3. Look at your top 3 competitors in the market. Look at what they are doing . Pick out power words and test them in with your audience.
  4. Remember sameness = lameness.
  5. Ideal clients: how are they describing their problems. Know this so you can provide the answer.
  6. Find the biggest problem it will give you room to scale.

I didn’t realize that copy and image was such a huge deal until I started learning about FB ads.

Copy and image 3 things you need to know.

  1. pre-frame
  2. pre-qualify
  3. pre-sale the click

This is what your ads are supposed to be doing for you. You don’t want to do more than this in your copy.  You don’t want your ads to speak to everyone.

Another thing I have learned is that you can’t be scared to lose money. Again have to be the scientist gathering data. Paid media is a numbers game.  Develop a FB ads strategy. Simple mapping method that will let you focus on what ads you need to crate.  Keep people moving through your funnel.

Example for a live Webinar (web)

Invite to web > invite to web email> register> web reminder> web log in> saw offer> objection handling >purchase> thank you

I will be adding to this blog post as I learn new things. I really do hope that this was helpful.

Here’s the course if you choose to invest in yourself like I did FB Ads Pro

From bitter to breakthroughUntil next time my friends,

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