How to make your life better in 2017How to make your life better in 2017.

I know that every year I keep telling myself that I want a better life. I make my list and then not complete it by the end of the year. I then feel like a failure and ask myself why even try.

Well this year Dec 18th I finally found the formula. I want to share with you these pillars with you and will continue to share about each one through out the year.

S: is for Spiritual

P: is for Physical

F: is for Finance

R: is for Relationship

E: is for Emotion

B: is for Business

When life feel like it sucks or it’s going south. I want you to draw out 5 pillars 6 if you have a business. Write out a # 1-10 beside each pillar. If one area is low deposit into that one by personal development. For a fuller and better year add daily to each pillar.

So life doesn’t suck just one of these areas. A friendly reminder add something to each of your pillar to make this year better than the one before!

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